Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy

Gardening is an evolution.  Not only in the natural sense, but also as your needs and lifestyle change, so do they.  The ebb and flow of the garden offers change throughout the seasons and it is our mission to channel these transformations into a dynamic artifact, which is your outdoor space.

As design professionals, we at ZH Design look at the natural world and depend upon our understanding of its processes to mold your landscape into a sustainable, working model of your surroundings, your needs, and your life.  It is our goal to create a space that is more than something beautiful, but speaks to you on a personal and intimate level.

Our experience is applied to every facet of your design, from discussion, installation, and on-going care, providing you with a finished product as envisioned and a successful marrying of landscape and lifestyle.  It is our mission to listen to you, present you with a vision, a design, and create the garden you never knew you dreamed about.

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We provide creative, quality landscapes for the benefit of our clients and community. By extending people's living spaces outdoors, we aim to improve their relationship with nature and enhance their lifestyles..

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